Spice Girls will be reuniting for the World Tour

At a secret meeting in London last month, Spice Girls got together and made a decision to reunite for the World Tour. The only member missing on this massive tour will be Victoria Beckham, which is sad because she is the most popular member of the famous girl band of 90s. She is hitting the high fashion street successfully and her inclusion would have sparkled the whole thing. But still, remaining members are reuniting, according to a credible source.

Spice Girls released their debut single back in 1996 and became an instant hit. The band wasn’t originally called the Spice Girls but they took the name when a British mag nicknamed them after their breakthrough debut single. Their original name was Touch.

Although the Posh Spice isn’t being a part of this reunion, she isn’t the first one to leave the group. It was Geri who called it quits back in 1998. But again, this was a big time reunion and Posh Spice could have taken out some time out of her busy scheduled. Fans really wanted to see her on the World Tour. Watch some videos from Nelson Mandela’s ‘Heroes’, as he famously called the Girls at an event in 1997, and relive the past.

Watch The Debut Single – Wannabe by Spice Girls

Post Author: Harvey Dyer