Single Review: “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld

The actor-turned singer, Hailee Steinfeld, appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video and played “The Trinity”. But that’s not all she is doing. Hailee is also working on her upcoming album as she has already penned a deal with Republic Records. This would be her first album and it should hit stores around Christmas time. “Love Myself” will be the first single in this album.

Despite the fact that majority of critics didn’t believe in “Love Myself” to become a hit, it has been going in that direction for last few weeks as there is an increased airplay on radio every week. As it looks, the fans are probably picking the message from Hailee Steinfeld’s single “Love Myself”. The track looks way too bubbly and there doesn’t seem anything ‘real’ about it but there is a message that’s hidden inside the track and it is related to women. Chances are good that women have started picking this message, the reason the track is gaining popularity over time. You may have your own theory but this is at least one obvious reason we can think of.

The message that I was talking about earlier is about a very controversial topic i.e. ‘female masturbation’. Although this is something very controversial for regular people, Hailee has tried to talk about it from a different and normal angle. What she is trying to say is that not only boys do this but all the girls also indulge in this pleasure activity.

Watch  Hailee Steinfeld Perform Acoustic Version Of Controversial Single “Love Myself”

Post Author: David Watt