Single Review: “Happy Days” by Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy has released a new single from her upcoming debut studio album. The track is titled “Happy Days” and it’s the lead single from her debut album. The album is expected to release by the end of this year.

This track brings good news for the fans of Oxnard-based raptress. She hasn’t released anything official in the last two years, something that could have cost a lot and she may have lost her deal with RCA Records. However, release of this song indicates that the record label has still her back and the debut album will eventually come out.

“Happy Days”, which is available on iTunes, is a slow-tempo electronic rap song. When you listen to this new single, you will realize that Brooke has changed her sound a little, softening it somewhat. If you listen to her previous hit “Opulence” and compare the sound with the current single, you will clearly notice the big difference that’s evident in this new single. This new song is more radio-friendly and has a better chance of appealing to a larger audience. Maybe it’s the RCA that’s forcing her to calm down on her sound a little after getting feedback from her fans.

Although this track is a different sound from what we heard from Brooke Candy previously, it is definitely better and there is still Brooke’s own element in it. Listen to the full song in high quality below.

Listen to “Happy Days” by Brooke Candy – High Quality Audio

Post Author: David Watt