Fresh Strawberries

Single review: Franz Ferdinand – ‘Fresh Strawberries’

Onto single number five from their most recent album, don’t be put off by the unusual title as this song bursts into a fruity indie hit with more than a few hints of the Beatles in its bouncy, retro-sound. With the metaphor stretched into an allusion to fame (possibly) it’s perhaps not as outrageously catchy as some of their more recent cuts but the guitar and drum work combined with Alex Kapranos’ familiar vocals make for a singable entry into their single discography.

If you enjoy the sound of the sixties then this is a must listen.
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Franz Ferdinand are currently on tour in the US following the success of their fourth album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action in 2013. Visit their site for all of their 2014 world tour dates:

Post Author: Philip Lickley