Single Review: “Slow Motion” by Trey Songz

Trey Songz is planning just right. As he is about to start his 2015 tour with Chris Brown and Tyga, he has just released another track, probably considering higher ticket sales using a re-fresher for his fans. This new single is titled “Slow Motion”.

There hasn’t been any announcement of any sort by the R&B star about this new track apart from releasing it. So as of now we are not sure if this will make part of any project or not. But we’re sure of one thing at least – this smooth track will attract a larger audience during Trey’s tour and the track will be a nice addition to his new project.

The track is just over three minutes mostly focusing on ‘put this joint between your lips’ and ‘while I go and put this tongue on you’ kind of similar-sounding rap theme. There is every chance that R&B fans will enjoy “Slow Motion” thanks to its soothing beats and a recognizable lyrical theme.

Trey Songz will be touring 25 cities along with Chris Brown starting on January 27th. Tyga will also join them on their way. The cities they will be touring together includes Houston, Philly, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Brooklyn. If you are interested in listening to these R&B stars live at an arena in your city, you can buy tickets from Ticketmaster.

Slow Motion by Trey Song – Official Audio

Post Author: David Watt