Single Review: “As Far As I Can Get” by Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine broke to the top with Ceremonials back in 2011. Ever since she has looked to impress with his awesome brand of music. She has scored country-wide hits such as “Dog Days Are Over” which have helped her become one of the most recognized faces in music today. For her latest album, which is her third album, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” she tried something different and it did came off, looking at the kind of success she is already enjoying with the album. The band tried making their music a little more gentle but still keeping it as big as it was at first.

The best example of the kind of change Florence + the Machine have been trying to show us in their latest album is the track “As Far As I Can Get”. This track is quite devastating but still patient. When you listen to this track, you will know instantly that Florence + the Machine is trying to achieve something different this time, especially if you have listened to “Shop to Wreck”, which was band’s previously released track. You will notice how well both tracks sample the change that Florence and company are trying to introduce to their music.

The new album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” will be available in stores worldwide on June 2nd through Republic Records. However, to give a preview to the UK audience, Florence + the Machine has released a Record Store Day 12-inch containing “As Far As I Could Get” and “What Kind of Man”.

Listen to “As Far As I Can Get” by Florence + The Machine

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz