Sam Smith’s ‘Burning’ Now Available In Digital World

Sam Smith has recently unveiled his poignant single “Burning” from the upcoming album “The Thrill of It All”.  The song seems to be a little disturbing as it feels like Sam cannot move forward from the memories of his love. Sam talks about the post break-up heartburn and regrets he has lately been feeling. We all for sure can relate to this song easily.

Talking to BBC Radio Sam revealed that “Burning” is his favorite song from the album. “It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written in my life,” he said.

We All Have Been There Sam!

The song starts with the confession of still being in love and regrets. ” I have been burning, yes. Such a burden / This flame on my chest / No insurance to pay for the damage / Yeah, I’ve been burning up since you left”.  As he proceeds with the Piano ballad, he moves on to regrets. “I’ve been smoking, oh. More than twenty a day. Blame it on rebellion. Don’t blame it on me. Wish I was younger. Back to the nineteenth of May. I had an open mind. Swore to never change.”

“Thrill of It All” is to be released on 3rd November. Hold your breaths for the countdown has already begun!

Post Author: David Watt