Robin Thicke Get Her Back

Single review: Robin Thicke – ‘Get Her Back’

With the Blurred Lines album and song now behind Mr Thicke, but possibly not the controversy, he’s now moved onto a new album from which this is the first cut, all about his estranged wife ‘Paula’.

‘Get Her Back’ is an ode to his wife but if this was the sort of thing my partner was using to win me back, I’d ask them to get back to the studio. For all the faults of his previous album launcher, it at least had some rhythm and power behind it and won over the masses.

I can’t see this song, with its bland, ponderous verses and lacklustre chorus, doing the same, and its choice as a single smacks more of piggy-backing on the newspaper publicity of his split rather than releasing a great single.

It’s boring and substitutes emotion for tediousness.


Post Author: Philip Lickley