Rihanna and Calvin Harris won’t collaborate for Rihanna’s upcoming Album

Rihanna will be releasing her new album soon and she has been looking for collaborations for this album. Calvin Harris, who collaborated with Rihanna for “We Found Love” back in 2011, sent her some of his work but the R&B queen didn’t accept any of it. This means that we won’t be seeing them coming together in the upcoming album.

Rihanna, who is now moving strongly in the R&B direction after hitting the dance-floors hard with her electric dance numbers recently, listens to everything she receives from producers, as told by Calvin Harris during one of his interviews. However, Rihanna didn’t accept any of Calvin’s contributions this time around probably because she wants to do a purely R&B album. This could be the only reason that she isn’t interested in collaborating with world’s leading dance producer, Calvin Harris. Nevertheless, Calvin wasn’t disappointed. He is already doing good with his own projects and he is happy with it. While talking about contributing to Rihanna’s album, he said that he understood that Rihanna was moving towards a different direction and that she didn’t want dance tracks on her album.

No matter what goes between Rihanna and Calvin, fans want to see them collaborate again. After all everyone wants to hear tracks such as “We Found Love”.

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz