Read SZA’s Latest Interview – Talks about her debut album and her disappointment with it

SZA finally managed to release her debut LP in 2017 after 4 years of hard work. It took so long so we expected it to be really good. Thankfully, the album quickly became a phenomenon and won critical acclaim for the way she discusses relationships in the modern society in the album.

But in a recent interview, she revealed that she wasn’t happy with the album. She thought ‘she could do better’.

In the recent interview with Fadder magazine, SZA also talked about Donald Glover and Grammy Losses. The R&B singer opened up about many things, including her recent album. This was her debut album and she worked four years on it. Yet, she thought she could do better with it. The girl is definitely ambitious and she is gonna give us a lot of good music in the future. She is hard on herself and that’s a good thing. We already love her music and if she is still just starting out, I’m sure there is so much more we can expect from this talented 27-year old singer.

Read her full intterview here.


Post Author: David Watt