Ovtlier Premieres a New Music Video For, “Vice”. Stream Now:

The Rochester Based alt metal music group, “Ovtlier” has shared a new music video for, “Vice”. It was directed by, “Josiah Moore”.  The song, “Vice” is a part of the band’s debut album, “What Doesn’t Kill You”.

The band now comprises only two members as two of their members left the group back in October. It is now a duo with the vocalist Joey Arena and the bass artist Cosmo Pusateri. They signed with the SONY The Orchard and Curtain Call Records after the group broke in a duo.

Back to the video,  it is a scary and horror themed video and guys it is so catchy. I love the energy that the front man Joey Arena and the Cosmo Pusateri possessed throughout the video.

You will see the vocalist Joey struggling to get rid of demons. what? yes, he will be trying hard to escape from a black room. I like the way he sings the song in the video and the way the drummer played his role. It is kinda perfect video for a song like, “Vice”. WOW!

Watch The Music Video To The Ovtlier’s, “Vice”:

Post Author: David Watt