Nick Jonas Goes Shirtless for His Music Video “Under You” – Full Video + Review

Nick Jonas has gone shirtless for his new music video “Under You”. The music video was previewed after some delay but it seemed that the preview timing for the MV was perfect. Nick Jonas also released his new album “Last Year Was Complicated” on the same day. So anyone who needs a reminder about Jonas latest album, this music video is here to remind you.

Although everything seems in place for Nick Jonas to turn this year into a great year, there was something wrong with the way he released his new music video. The video came out through TIDAL which is already going downhill. Jay-Z can’t possibly help TIDAL any more. In a situation like this, Nick shouldn’t have gone for it. There are many alternatives. There aren’t many fans who would subscribe to TIDAL.

Probably someone went ahead and told Nick Jonas about this problem or maybe he himself figured it out after seeing number of video views he received within the first week. Realizing that, Nick Jonas released his music video on VEVO only four days after dropping it on TIDAL. It’s the good news. Everyone can watch the music video now without having to subscribe to TIDAL. Stay here till the end and you will get the music video.

The music video for “Under You” is a kind of video fans would really appreciate. Nick hides his toned body under a shirt first but it doesn’t take him long to remove the shirt. In the video, Nick Jonas plays on his girl as they couple decides to end their relationship. After they are not together anymore, we see Nick standing in his penthouse and gazing through the window into the sky which is decorated with heavy rain drops. On the other hand, his girlfriend is broken and she can’t get out of her bed. She has crashed there and it looks she’s going to stay there for long now. But then Nick comes to her house and finds her under the shower. Nick helps her get herself together as he comforts her towards the end of the music video. Watch the video below.

Watch “Under You” by Nick Jonas

Post Author: David Watt