Song Review: “Woman” by Kesha

As we all expected, Kesha has released her new single titled “Woman”. She’s a fierce woman in this new single. This new anthem marks a new era for Kesha who has planned to release new music every week. Till when? Until her album “Rainbow” comes out. If you are going to wonder how long this blessing is going to last, it will be until the first week of August. Kesha’s album will be coming out on August 11th.

The new anthem “Woman” is a funky song that talks about empowering women. The good news is that this new single isn’t just out on Spotify and other digital platform but Kesha has also premiered a music video of this song. The music video is out of VEVO and you can watch it here after the review.

The song is about Kesha teaching a bad boy how to behave. She wants him to know how to show respect to women. She is also empowering women so that they could teach such boys a lesson. She has probably written this song while thinking about Dr. Luke. She ends it with “I’m a Motherfucker” – perfectly suitable line to finish the chorus of this fierce girl-empowering anthem.

Watch Music Video “Woman” by Kesha

Post Author: David Watt