Song Review: “Run It” By Midnight Kids Ft. Annika Wells

Midnight Kids is an electronic duo that focuses on quality and not quantity. They have proved it again with their new song “Run It.” The duo, Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, debuted back in 2018 with a breakout song and have released only four songs since then. However, each song is special and that’s what we love about the duo.

The new song “Run It” is a shimmery single. It features Annika Wells. The song is about the tensions you gather while growing old. The duo sings about their sweet memories while they were young. “I remember when we would speed down the 405 playing The Who” sings the featured artist to open the song. She then talks about how they were when young “We had young blood in our veins and dirt on our shoes.” After talking about the great youth they had, the song moves to another domain. “Every day the bills keep coming, all the bullshit we’re all stuck in,” Annika sings in the chorus over smooth production.

After the chorus, the singer sings about going back to the time when they were young. It was the time when they would not bother about anything. It’s a good song and it has a special feel about it. We are sure we all can relate to it. Give it a listen below.

Listen To “Run It” By Midnight Kids Ft. Annika Wells

Post Author: David Watt