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New Song from Fifty Shades Free – “Are You” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels now has two contributions to the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack with her second track “Are You” that came out yesterday. “Are You” is a worthy successor to her lusty anthem “Heaven”. The song is about falling in love, deeply and madly. It’s a different theme from her earlier single where ‘bad boys’ were her focus.

“Are You” is produced by Mattman & Robin. The quality production gives Julia the perfect opportunity to experiment with her sultry vocals and she keeps impressing as the song rises to its final intimate moments. It’s just incredible how easily Julia delivers her vocals. The production features sparse beats and breathy whispers that allow Julia to make her feelings obvious. It’s all about seduction and Julia has done the best she can.

“Are You” is definitely up there with the best songs that we have heard in 2018. Julia has proved again that she can do no wrong when it comes to singing. She has contributed heavily to this franchise and we feel this could help her claim some chart success this year. Is 2018 going to be her year? We will know how Fifty Shades soundtrack does on the charts and that will decide how Julia’s contribution do on the charts individually. Julia is definitely going to share the fortune. Listen to her new single below.

Stream “Are You” by Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt