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New Single: “You Love It” by Becky G

Becky G has released a new single titled “You Love It”. To say the least, it is a cute single. But this isn’t actually a new song. Becky released the same song a year back but it was an acoustic version. She even released both versions on the same radio station. Today, she has released the studio version and surprisingly it’s a lot different from how the acoustic version sounded. It’s like a new song altogether but I’m not sure if we can actually call it ‘new’.

The track is produced by Dr. Luke and it will be included in her already-delayed debut album. However, no one still knows about the release date of this album. It has already been delayed so much and RCA is still silent about a release date. We don’t know exactly when RCA will have a word about Becky G’s debut album but as soon as there is any kind of news, we will be updating you.

“You Love It” is young pop song. It sounds great and has quite a feel about it. The pop sound is somewhat dated but still there is cuteness about it. Listen to it below and it will definitely put you in a good mood for a while. The track may not shake charts but it will definitely help Becky G get some fan love.

Listen “You Love It” by Becky G

Post Author: David Watt