New Single: “Try Everything” by Shakira

Shakira has returned with a new song. This song is for the upcoming animated movie “Zootopia”, which will premier in March this year. The good news is that Shakira isn’t just doing the soundtrack but she has also given her voice to the lead character Gazelle in the movie. It’s definitely going to be a worth-watching movie for all the Shakira fans.

Shakira, although has made a come back, still needs to work on her album and get it out this year. If she doesn’t release an album this year, she is going to lose a lot of fan base and her career may go in different direction. So keep your fingers crossed for her lead single from the new album to come out any time soon. Meanwhile, listen to “Try Everything” after the review and cherish the fact that she has made her comeback finally.

“Try Everything” is written by Sia. The production is really good with new sound produced by mixing guitar strings and synth beats. The song sounds good to the ears, thanks to the guitar mix.

Shakira’s new song is about fighting and never giving up in life. It’s an inspirational and uplifting song that will fill you up with energy. Since the track will be used in a movie for kids, the theme seems just about perfect. We wish Shakira good luck with this venture and hope that she will bless her with her album as early as possible this year. Listen to “Try Everything” below.

Listen “Try Everything” by Shakira

Post Author: David Watt