New Single: “Too Many Omens” by Charli XCX – Watch Her Perform Her New Track in Bathrobe

Charli XCX keeps creating buzz, whether it’s about her sizzling on-stage performances or see-through dresses. Now she’s back with a new single titled “Too Many Omens” that she performed for the first time at Andrew Wyatt’s art presentation at MoMA PS 1 in NYC on Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, she was wearing her bathrobe while singing the song on stage.

This new single is a nearly perfect Charli-signature song with the pop-sensibilities of her early music. However, Charli wanted this track to be different from her previous music so she added a lot of electro synths in the track, making it a blown-out electro track. Since she had already told her fans about her new project, which is to make an electronic party album, the track doesn’t surprise and in fact meets the promises that she made to her fans. She will be collaborating with Sophie to complete her album. We hope it will be her best album and will sell a lot more compared to ‘Sucker’.

Her performance at the MoMA PS 1 was mesmerizing despite the fact that she didn’t even put on proper clothes for the act. She appeared in a white bathrobe that despite looking gorgous on her, isn’t the right dress for performing your new single. Still, it’s a good song and Charli did justice to it with her powerful vocal performance. Watch the performance below and enjoy her new single.

Watch Charli XCX Perform her new single at MoMA PS 1

Post Author: David Watt