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Single Review+Official MV: Daydream By The Aces

In these turbulent times here’s something to cheer about: The Aces have made a comeback. It has been two good years since the release of their debut album ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’.

The time in between they were having fun touring and making new music at the same time. On the 4th of March, they released  ‘Daydream’ letting us know of what they had been up to at the studio. The track is just as fleeting as the title suggests. On it, the girls are going through a troublesome situation of being separated from a loved one

“Just hold on to the memory of me riding in your front seat every day,” they Sing. “And I’ll hold on to the smell of your sweater that you wore in December when we met”.The anthem then takes off from here as they hit the sing-along chorus. “Daydream about me, and I know that you hate the nights without me. Baby, I hate’em too. But you know I’m coming back to you.”

It seems though as if the song were based on real-life insights from their travels. ‘Daydream’ encapsulates the pain of being away from a loved one the kind that makes your heart drown. The Aces told the press that “when we’re on tour, were leaving a note and memento saying, I’m thinking of you so daydream about me.”

Watch Cristal, Alisa Ramirez, Mckenna Petty and Katie Henderson in their official music video below.

New Single Review+Official MV: Daydream By The Aces

Post Author: David Watt