Single Review: “The Break Up” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly has released a new single titled “The Break Up”. It’s a perfect song for the December and I feel like Machine Gun Kelly released it just in time. Had they delayed the song a few weeks further, it would be somehow connected with the Valentine’s Day and that would ruin the song.

Since we still have weeks before we start looking at songs for Valentine’s, it seems like a good time to give us a breakup song. That’s exactly what Machine Gun Kelly has done. This brand new single from Machine Gun Kelly released on 15th December.

The song “The Break Up” is not included in rapper’s third studio album that dropped back during the summers. That means it could very well be a one-off single. Maybe Machine Gun Kelly has just decided to capitalize on the popularity of the recent song “Home” and that’s the reason the rapper did a one-off single. Maybe he has a plan B and he is simply testing the market. Or maybe, the rapper would release an EP in 2018 and this song would become a part of that album. As of now, these are just what we can make of the situation. We will only know the truth when Machine Gun Kelly decides to reveal the secret behind this new single. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “The Break Up” by Machine Gun Kelly

PS: If you like the song, don’t forget to download it from iTunes.

Post Author: David Watt