Single Review: “Stupid” By Tate McRae & Announces Debut EP

Tate McRae, among the best breakout artists of 2019, has released a new single titled “Stupid.” She has already enjoyed huge success this year with over 10 million streams for her first two singles that went viral. Now with this new song “Stupid”, the 16-year-old singer looks ready to go the next step and gear up for her debut EP.

The song “Stupid” is produced by Russel Chell. It’s a beautiful anthem where Tate sings about loving someone the best way. She thinks about him all the time “Only think about him on the weekdays and weekends, only in the morning and evenings, only when I wake up and sleep in,” sings the young singer on the opening lines of the song. Not just she loves her boy that much, she also knows what she is doing. She knows she is a feel because she keeps coming back for him despite being rejected. “Keep on coming back to you, I’m so stupid for ya,” sings Tate on the chorus. She continues the anthem with further reveals.

The song “Stupid” is beautiful and deserves all the appreciation. The young singer also announced her debut EP, dropping on Jan 24, 2020. You can listen to this song below and hope that Tate will bless us with a few more singles until the album comes out.

Listen To “Stupid” By Tate McRae

Post Author: David Watt