Single Review: “Speak To A Girl” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the husband and the wife, have come together once again for a new single titled “Speak To A Girl”. This new song will be included on their upcoming album that is planned for a release later this year.

The song delivers a strong message about respecting women and showing them that they are as much as part of this world as much part are men. It’s a beautiful song with a powerful message that’s going to sit with the fans for a long time. The song also seems more in place as Tim and Faith have three daughters together. Singing about empowering women seems just about right.

While talking about the song, Faith Hill told the press “I think it’s important, particularly this day and time that we live in, words matter, you know? It’s important how we speak to one another, but it’s particularly important how a female, how a girl learns to be spoken to and how she speaks to others. I think it’s vitally important.”

It’s important that we help girls by giving them validation and respect. But it’s not just for the parents to do, as pointed out by Tim. Even their friends and boys who are around them should also ensure that they treat the girls right, allowing them an equal status in the society. Tim believes that growing up girls requires special attention and care.

“Speak To A Girl” is now available on all digital platforms. You can listen to the song on YouTube using the link below. It’s written by Dave Gibson and Shy Carter and produced by Byron Gallimore. Listen to the powerful country jam below.

Listen to “Speak To A Girl” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Post Author: David Watt