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Single Review: “Questions” by Chris Brown + Music Video

Chris Brown premiered a new single titled “Questions”. He also released the music video for the song soon after the single hit the internet. As of now, you can watch the video and listen to the high-quality audio. You will find both at the end of this post.

This single is from his ninth studio album, which is yet to come out. This album will eventually see the light of the day, we know that for sure. Nevertheless, it has been a long time and now Chris should get serious about releasing this album as he recently announced. According to his latest statement, the album will come out in the last week of October this year.

“Questions” has a very solid production – something you expect when you Floyd and Christopher Dotson’s name in the production credits.

In this song, Chris Brown focuses again on the darker side of things. He talks about why his girl loves him. To him, it’s only because she fears him. She thinks Chris is dangerous and that’s what brings her closer to him. I understand that Chris sees a different side of things but love doesn’t have to be that dark. Maybe, he will sing about something happier and brighter in his next single. For now, you only have the darker side of love to explore with Chris Brown. Watch the music video and listen to “Questions” below.

Watch “Questions” Music Video by Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt