Single Review: “Perfect Places” by Lorde [Full Audio]

Lorde has premiered a new single titled “Perfect Places”. This new single is a part of Lorde’s upcoming album “Melodrama”.  This album will be her second studio album – the one that fans want to come out right away.

This new single is a regular countdown single and it will serve as an official follow-up to “Green Light”. That song is already gone and it has faded on the radio. Lorde should probably give it up and make this new single as the ‘last’ follow-up single.

When her fans asked her about her inspiration for this new song, she was eager to explain it all. She took the time out to write a lengthy explanation on Facebook, telling her fans how she thought about this song when she was writing Melodrama. It was the time when she’d ride across the Brooklyn Bridge every day and she’d take breaks to enjoy the weather in New Zealand during the winter. All these things played a role in bringing this song out. It wasn’t straight forward, as Lorde explained to her fans. It took time and effort to make this song the way it is. Lorde loved it and has kept the song very close to her heart.

I’m sure “Perfect Places” will do great as many of us can relate to the song. This song is radio-friendly so expect it to hit the radio right away. You’ll probably have this playing in your car when you go out at the night. It has the typical Lorde-heroism, which will help it become the fan favorite in no time.

Listen to “Perfect Places” by Lorde – Full Audio

Post Author: David Watt