Single Review: “Now Or Never” by Halsey (Full Audio + Video)

Halsey has premiered a new single “Now Or Never”, which might sound like a Rihanna song at first but once you listen to it again, you will find something unique about the song. It’s the new Halsey.

This new single, “Now Or Never”, from the American singer will serve as the lead single from her upcoming studio album. This will be Halsey’s second studio album.

The single “Now Or Never” came out on Spotify and iTunes but Halsey also premiered the official music video with it on VEVO. This is her new strategy to give us all at once. I’m sure this will work for her as fans feel blessed when they get the full-version audio along with the official music video so they don’t have to wait weeks for the MV.

“Now Or Never” is an electronic R&B song that is about making a decision. In the song, Halsey wants her boyfriend to take action and make that all-important life decision now. She’s tired of having to wait until the right moment. She tells her boy that the time is now. If he doesn’t make the decision now, it will be too late. The cinematic music video serves the lyrics well. You can watch the video and listen to the full audio below.

Watch “Now Or Never” by Halsey – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt