Single Review: “Naked” by James Arthur + Official Music Video

James Arthur has premiered the official music video for his recent single “Naked”. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a disappointing music video. We surely expected a lot better from James after listening to the song, which is simply awesome.

We know that everyone is a big fan of this new song from James Arthur. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the singer from making a bad MV. In total honesty, I think it’s a total mess and it has zero chances of becoming anyone’s favorite visuals.

The worst thing about the latest music video is that it has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. When visuals stay truer to their lyrical theme, they do good even when the cinematography or discography isn’t top-notch. But since this video fails to make any sense with the lyrics, it has absolutely no chances of doing “Naked” any favor. Instead, it’s going to hurt the song that had started doing really well.

In addition to having no connection with the lyrical theme of the song, the visuals also fail to bring out the best of James Arthur. He looks dejected and disappointed throughout the video. His acting seems uncomfortable and suffers from a lack of interest from the singer.

If that’s enough BAD for today, then let me tell you a little about the video – whatever I could make. The video is about James and his famous “The James Arthur Show”. As on the show, he interviews a female guest in the video. Unfortunately, things go bad and the guest loses her composure. She starts shouting at the audience and yells as loud as she could. Watching this, James has no option but to storm off from the studio.

But the next even is what defies logic and common sense. James re-enters the studio in a matter of just a few moments. This time, he is in a different mood. He goes to the girl and gets closer to the girl, as if he wants to kiss her. You can watch this MV below and see if you find anything interesting in this official MV.


Post Author: David Watt