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Single Review + MV : “Body” by Sean Paul ft. Migos

Sean Paul has released a new single titled “Body”. Along with the single, the rapper also premiered the official music video along with this new single. This new single features Migos as well, which is another reason to listen to this music and watch the music video for “Body”.

This new single is a part of the efforts that Sean Paul is making for his new album. This new album will come out at the end of this year but Sean Paul is already working on new singles. Earlier, he released “No Lie” featuring Dua Lipa and now he has brought Migos into his new song.

The new single “Body” is a hybrid hip hop song that is about beautiful girls with sexy bodies. Now when you are talking about girls and their bodies, there couldn’t be any better place to shoot the music video than Miami. That’s where Sean Paul and Migos were for this MV. You will notice the South Beach where Sean Paul and Migos meet girls who are wearing carnival costume and want to have some fun with boys. With Sean Paul and Migos there, it seems like a perfect party time. They all get along and have a party of a lifetime. If you want to see this party, then scroll down and hit PLAY.

Watch “Body” by Sean Paul and Migos – New Music Video

Post Author: David Watt