Single Review: “I’m Stuck” by Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus is super talented and she continues to prove it. This time, she is showing us her talent with folk-pop in a new countdown single.

This single titled “I’m Stuck” may not be her best song ever, but it’s not a bad song. It’s different from what you heard in “Stay Together”. You may not like this sound jump especially if you expected Noah to continue with her current genre, but I think it’s good for her in the long-term. She is doing these experiments so early on in her career that when she returns to these genres is a few years, she’ll give us super cool songs.

“I’m Stuck” will become a part of “NC-17” – her upcoming debut album. Now we are sure this album will have a mix of genres, giving Noah a chance to showcase every dimension of her talent. It’s good but it could also hurt her initial success. She may not get a great response from audiences who expect her to do only one genre.

This new single by Noah Cyrus opens are a pure folk song but soon blends in pop, with uprising tempo. The song delivers many feel-good moments. It’s cute and a good effort. You can listen to it yourself below and see if you like Noah doing a bit of experiment (even though not doing it so well). Give it a listen below.

Listen to “I’m Stuck” by Noah Cyrus – Full Audio

Post Author: David Watt