Single: “I Found A Girl” by Vamps

The Vamps has released a controversial song titled “I Found A Girl”. This new song is about a boy who has fallen in love with a girl only to find out that she is a lesbian. The girl has no interest in ‘male’ and that’s making the boy go crazy. He can’t believe it and finds himself deep in depression after hearing this news.

The British pop-rock band sings about the beautiful body and the sexy curves that can make any boy fall in love with the girl instantly. The band sings about how cruel life can be, especially when the girl of your dreams turns out to be a lesbian. The Vamps has probably annoyed a lot of their female fans with this controversial track.

The track touches the subject of homosexuality openly. It looks as if this song has something to do with one of the band members. Maybe it’s a true story that The Vamps have turned into a song. Nevertheless, the song won’t probably be playing on the radio in the UK. If it does, things will be different for music industry in the coming few years as this song can become the game-changer. Listen to this controversial track below and leave you opinion.

Post Author: David Watt