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Single “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink – Watch Official Music Video

Pink has premiered the official music video for “Beautiful Trauma”. The video came a few days after she delivered her epic performance of this song at AMAs. With such an amazing performance, it was a good move to release the official video for the song. Pink did just that and gave us a fun video that we will remember for long.

The music video for this newest Pink song is directed by RJ Durell and Nick Florez. The duo also choreographed this video. The video came out on VEVO.

In the music video, you will see Pink wearing a dominatrix latex outfit. What does come to your mind with Pink in this outfit? Definitely it’s kinky. But it’s got a powerful message that it’s cool to flow between the boundaries set by ‘gender’. It’s about taking it easy on gender.

You will also love the part where you will see Pink dancing with Channing. They look awesome together with all those amazingly choreographed moves that deliver the message and look amazing at the same time. You gotta see this visual to know what Pink has to offer to her fans.

With this music video out, Pink is going to get a lot of attention. I’m sure “Beautiful Trauma” will turn into a major hit for her. You will have to wait and see. These are early days for this new single.

Watch official music video for “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink

Post Author: David Watt