Music: “What A Feeling” by One Direction

One Direction is all about keeping their fans on toes and always giving them something to cheer about. Now that their album is due in stores in just a couple of days, they are still releasing tracks as countdown singles just to make sure that their fans have something to be excited about. Probably, the band is thinking about keeping the momentum going until the album comes out. The latest single One Direction has released is titled “What A Feeling”.

Although some fans think that this is a stupid strategy to release tracks so close to album release date as it can cause a panic when it comes to first week sales. Of course people will have a lot of new music with them already and they won’t feel the need to rush for the album. However, according to some music-sale pundits, this can mean record-breaking second week sales. Has 1D gambled on first week sales in order to test out this new strategy? Only time could tell.

“What A Feeling” is the latest track to come out. It was released both on iTunes and Spotify yesterday. This pop mid-tempo song is all about love and the feelings that love can bring to us. Those who have never loved would never know that ‘what a feeling’. Those who have loved, would know how unique and emotionally powerful is this ‘feeling’ of being close to someone you love. The track really sounds like ‘feel good’ and has definitely a lot of positive energy. Give it a listen below and see if it fits your sound taste.

Listen to “What A Feeling” by One Direction

Post Author: David Watt