Music Video: “Walk On Water” by Eminem

With Eminem making headlines with his new album starting the first week atop Billboard 200, it’s time for something more from the rapper. And here it is.

It’s the official music video for “Walk on Water” that Eminem released on Apple Music as an exclusive. However, by the time I’m writing this review, the video is also available on VEVO so you would be able to watch it at the end of this post.

“Walk on Water” is the lead single from Eminem’s ninth studio album “Revival”. It features Beyonce but the music video doesn’t have her. So all those who were expecting to see the Queen B, it’s not going to be this time. I don’t know why Beyonce didn’t take out a few hours to shot the music video but whatever it is, we don’t have her in the video and that’s totally disappointing.

In the music video, you see Eminem performing his own song in a theater. However, the theater doesn’t have an audience as it’s empty. You are the audience for the performance but it could be sending out a message that Eminem is back and he needs his fans to be in the theater. After the theater scene, you see the rapper writing a letter using an old-school typewriter. You will then see the Marshall facing the snow. It’s a decent video that will help Eminem leave some good visual memories for his fans. You can watch the video on VEVO below.

Watch Official Music Video “Walk on Water” by Eminem [No Beyonce]

Post Author: David Watt