UpUp by coldplay

Music Video: “Up & Up” by Coldplay

Coldplay has released the official┬ámusic video for their new single “Up & Up”. This new single is written by Will Champion, Chris Martin and Guy Berryman.

With the release of this single, Coldplay has now released three songs from their upcoming studio album. This will be band’s seventh studio album and it will hit the stores no later than the last quarter of 2016. So fans have to wait only a few more months for a lot of new music from their favorite band.

The music video for “Up & Up” is directed by Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann. The band premiered their MV to the global audience on YouTube yesterday.

The music video for “Up & Up” isn’t everyone’s eye candy. It’s an art thing, something you expect at an art museum but still there are fans for such trippy videos. Coldplay always comes up with such ideas and the band always get some appreciation for their ideas, even if the execution isn’t always the best. To see if they have turned an artistic idea into something entertaining this time, you will need to see the music video yourself. Click play below to watch this new MV from Coldplay.

Watch “Up & Up” by Coldplay

Post Author: David Watt