Music Video Teaser: “Framed” by Eminem

Eminem has been “Framed” for murder charges in his new music video. Eminem told us that through a short teaser of his upcoming music video for his new track “Framed”. Although the rapper hasn’t given us a release date for the video, we know it’s coming out pretty soon.

The news for the new music video came out in the form of a news bulletin. This teaser visual begins with the American rapper sitting in a room. It’s a large room, probably a lounge. It’s filled with blood and body parts. Now that’s seriously gross. As soon as you realize that it might be a symbol for something, a news reporter announced that Eminem has been declared ‘wanted’ for a murder. It’s not an allegation but it has been proved and now the police wants to arrest him for his crime.

Once this news is made public, we see Eminem walking around in the hallways. Has he been caught and put in some kind of an institution? We are not sure but that’s what it looks like or say that’s what I can make of this visual so far.

Despite the murder charges, we are not sure whether Eminem actually committed the crime. Why? It’s easy to guess. Just read the song name again. “Framed” indicates that the rapper is probably being framed in a murder case.

I think this video has a huge potential. It’s kind of a video I so desperately wanted to see from Eminem. The two videos he dropped earlier didn’t meet our expectations. So could this be his big hit that we have been waiting for quite some time now? Could it turn into a blockbuster music video and help catapult Eminem’s return to the top?

So far it has been good for Eminem. He has debuted his Revival album at number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. However, the singles that he released hasn’t impressed so far. They have also failed commercially – at least by Eminem’s standards. Now it looks all set for the rapper. Watch this video teaser below and you will know what I’m talking about here.

Watch Eminem’s “Framed” Music Video Teaser

Post Author: David Watt