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New Music Video: “Starving” Hailee Steinfeld Feat Zedd

Hailee Steinfeld launched the lyric video of “Starving” on Aug 29th. The track was really appreciated by the viewers and got over 10 million views. Yes! Just a lyrics video of her!

After receiving much endorsement from the fans for her music track, she finally premiered her music video for “Starving” today on September 27th.

A production of © 2016 Republic Records; the music video doesn’t seem to be highly budgeted. There isn’t much going on in the video as you’ll only see Hailee dancing with 4 shirtless male artists in a sort of night club or a warehouse.

Though, Hailee didn’t disappoint the fans with her charming looks and stunning beauty, posing in a zebra print dress in front of a zebra-painted wall.

Honestly speaking! If you ask me to rate the video, I would give it 6/10 but a 10/10 to the gorgeous Hailee.

On the other hand, it’s a beautiful romance song with some good lyrics. But I don’t blame Ms. Steinfeld for the video as it wasn’t her call. She did her best to catch the eye of the viewers with her sexy moves.

It’s hardly been 4 hours, the video is premiered on VEVO and it has almost half a million views so far. It appears that she will get the maximum out of a short-budgeted video.

Watch: “Starving” Hailee Steinfeld Feat Zedd

Post Author: David Watt