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Music Video: “Smile Mona Lisa” by Will.I.Am featuring Nicole Scherzinger

You couldn’t have thought of this but it’s finally here. Yes that’s true.  Only three years after Will.I.Am released the single, he has now released a music video for it. The music video shows us the creative side of the Black Eyed Peas star but it’s extremely bizarre. Be ready to watch him popping out of several paintings, replacing Mona Lisa.

The music video is kind of lovable despite being totally bizarre. Will.I.Am actually released the music video to promote his recently released documentary titled “Will.I.Am au Louvre”. The documentary is about the rapper visiting the famous museum. A guy shows him around and he documents everything for the people. The documentary was released on Dailymotion and hasn’t been received well. Nevertheless, the accompanying music video is definitely getting some attention already.

The song “Smile Mona Lisa” was released in 2013 and was on his solo album “#willpower”. The song included in the video is an updated production but you will hear Nicole Scherzinger doing the chorus exactly as in the original production. She also makes an appearance in the music video.

Although this video is bizarre, it highlights the creative side of Will.I.Am. There are several instances where his face is added to paintings digitally. Even Nicole Scherzinger does some Mona Lisa with help of digital enhancements. After all they were at the Louvre. Watch the music video below and see it for yourself.

Watch “Smile Mona Lisa” Music Video by Will.I.Am

Post Author: David Watt