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Music Video: “Secrets” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd has premiered a new music video titled “Secrets”. This new single is from their new album “Starboy”. The song got the music video now so it’s definitely worth listening. You can watch the video at the end of this MV review. The video came out on VEVO.

The music video for “Secrets” is directed by Pedro Martin-Calero. The video shows a French girl being captured by the authorities after making a speech. You may not understand that speech because it’s in French but you’d definitely understand the context of the speech. The men who capture the girl take her to a strange place that seems like a hotel building. There, she is seen on a bed in the middle of the building.

After you see her on that strange bed in the mysterious world, you know something bad is going to happen to her. A ghost will appear and will have sex with her. The Weeknd sees her from the elevator and then she makes her way out of the building. If it wasn’t a ghost making love with her, maybe it was her fantasy and the ghost was her own ‘self’. Maybe, it’s about self-love more than anything else. You are the judge here.

Ater, after she escapes from that bed, she meets a man who touches her with love. All of a sudden, you see the two chasing each other, in that strange building.

Some of you might think that the plot of this music video is way too complicated for everyone to interpret what’s going on in the video. Nevertheless, even if you don’t understand the video, you are going to love the music. The MV is high budget and so is the music production. You will love this futuristic music. It’s probably going to be a new The Weeknd hit. Listen to the song and watch MV below.

Watch “Secrets” by The Weeknd

Post Author: David Watt