New Music Video: “Save My Soul” by JoJo

JoJo has released a new music video for her latest single “Save My Soul” from her “III.” EP. The music video is directed by Zelda Williams and it was released on JoJo’s father’s 61st birthday, who actually passed away last year. It’s a tribute by JoJo to her late father.

“Save My Soul” tells us more about what happened to JoJo’s father and why so many people in the world are feeling powerless – it’s about addiction. JoJo chose Zelda Williams to direct this video, something she has been dreaming for a decade now. JoJo, while talking about this music video, indicated that Zelda loved the song and kind of felt touched by it, the reason both agreed to work together on this song.

JoJo filmed the video before her father lost his battle with addiction and died. Since this song was very personal to JoJo, she decided to pick the her father’s next birthday to release the video as she thought it might help others who are finding it difficult to win their fight against the addiction. While talking about the song and her father’s addiction, JoJo was confident that everyone living with this problem can come out of it by believing as it’s the only way out. This is what JoJo wants to convey to her fans and all those who are fighting some kind of addiction, whether a drug or a lover. Watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “Save My Soul” by JoJo

Post Author: David Watt