New Music Video: “Next Boyfriend” by Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina has premiered a new music video on VEVO for her latest single “Next Boyfriend”. Lauren released the audio back in September but then her fans had to wait nearly four months before they could watch a music video for it. The day is today – watch the video after the review.

There is no news about what happened with the music video and why it came out so late. The single sounded very promising and fans were expecting that Lauren’s label 19 Recordings would release a music video in a week or so but it took forever. Now that the music video is out, it seems just a little ‘too’ late. After all, releasing a video for a song that got decent response four months later isn’t justified in any way and fans would want some answers from Lauren and her label for the delay.

The music video for “Next Boyfriend” isn’t your typical country music video. The visuals were filmed in a parking building and the scene is that of a party. The video is directed by TK McKamy. In the video, you see skateboarders amusing party guests with their tricks while Lauren keeps coming out with new outfits throughout the video. She was the center of attention throughout the party as she kept amusing everyone with her sexy costumes. She finally picked a boyfriend from party-goers and started dancing with her. Check the video below to see how Lauren likes to romance with her lover.

Watch Music Video “Next Boyfriend” by Lauren Alaina

Post Author: David Watt