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Music Video: “I’m A Fan” by Pia Mia

Pia Mia has premiered the new music video for her latest single titled “I’m A Fan”. Pia Mia is a hot brunette blonde in this MV and I’m sure you are going to love her looks in this music video. Don’t be impatient, you can watch “I’m A Fan” MV later in this review.

The single “I’m A Fan” features Jeremih. The single came out in May. It took a few weeks before Mia would give us its video but still, I don’t consider it late. If you are going to shoot a proper music video, it has to consume a few weeks. That’s for sure.

When you see the music video, you will notice that Pia Mia is experimenting with different hairstyles. Now that’s something a lot of fans are going to appreciate. She looks really cool when she sets different hairstyles. You will also see her hanging out with her friends at a mansion. You will also see some brilliant choreography in this song.

It’s time you watch this music video. Don’t take your eyes off the screen. Don’t blink. Just hit play below and enjoy Pia Mia at her visual best.

Watch “I’m A Fan” by Pia Mia

Post Author: David Watt