RedOne star studded music video

Music Video: “Don’t You Need Somebody” by RedOne

RedOne has finally released a new music video for his latest single “Don’t You Need Somebody”. This official music video is star-studded so you don’t get to complain. RedOne has brought a lot of them together for his MV inlcuding Bebe Rexcha, Howie Mandel, Ali Bsseel, Alex Sparrow, Akon, French Montana, JLO, Van Damme and many more. There are even football and tennis superstars featuring in the MV as well. Think of Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafal Nadal. I know you won’t believe it but seriously this isn’t even half the list. You gotta see the music video yourself to find out who else RedOne was able to invite for his video.

RedOne will be releasing the album later this year. For now the confirmed lead single from this upcoming album is “Don’t You Need Somebody” – the same single that has so many stars in the music video. The single was released month but now with this new music video it will definitely become a major talking point in the music industry. We’re sure having this many stars will help RedOne get on a roller coaster. There will be huge success or at least everyone in the world will know RedOne for sure. Watch the music video below to see all the superstars all in one music video.

Watch “Don’t You Need Somebody” by RedOne

Post Author: David Watt