Music Video: “Don’t Leave” by Snakehips featuring MO

Snakehips have released a music video for their new single titled “Don’t Leave”. This new single is an amazing song and it features MO as the female lead vocalist. She agreed to lend her voice for this song and I think that was a great decision as the song has all the ingredients of a perfect song, whether you look at its lyrics, production or vocal delivery. It’s a song that will help MO land a major British hit so early in 2017 that even she didn’t expect that.

“Don’t Leave is an electronic pop ballad where MO sings about her boyfriend. She doesn’t want him to leave because she won’t have a life without him. Even if she lives on, her life would be totally useless. That’s what she thinks of it in this song. But there is even more to this drama that MO reveals as the song progresses.

Listen to “Don’t Leave” by Snakehips featuring MO

Post Author: David Watt