dammn baby by janet jackson

Music Video: “Dammn Baby” by Janet Jackson

If you ever thought that you won’t now¬†see a new single from Janet Jackson’s upcoming film, then you have been proven wrong. There is a new single by Janet Jackson titled “Dammn Baby”.

Some fans have a theory that this isn’t her new single but it’s an apology from Janet for her fans. Since Janet has cancelled her unbreakable World Tour, this fan theory could end up being true. However, nothing is clear as of now as Janet hasn’t spoken to anyone about this song yet.

But whatever is the story behind this song, fans at least get to see a new music video from Janet Jackson. She coupled “dammn Baby” with a music video. You can watch the video at the end of this post.

Janet released the music video on YouTube. It’s directed by Dave Meyers. The MV is black and white where we see Janet showing us her fierce side. You’ll enjoy choreography and hair whips. I’m sure you want to watch the video now. So scroll below and hit Play.

Watch Music Video “Dammn Baby” by Janet Jackson

Post Author: David Watt