Music Video by Flo Rida “Zillionaire”

Flo Rida has premiered a brand new music video for his club hit “Zillionaire”. Although Flo Rida released this song back in the summer, he treated it as a promotional single so there wasn’t any expectation of an MV coming out for this song.

But since Flo Rida’s main summer song “Who Did You Love” couldn’t perform well, he decided to work on the promotional song “Zillionaire”. The clubs are already looking for club songs to add to their playlists and with Flo Rida’s last song failing, he had a chance to come back to the clubs with his single “Zillionaire”.

To avail this chance, he made a music video for the song. Now that it has a music video, everyone is going to listen to it and probably many clubs will also pick it up for their summer playlists. Let’s hope that this new single works for him and he gets a summer hit.

The song “Zillionaire” is produced by Max Martin. We definitely want to listen to Flo Rida hits as they always make the clubs a great place to go. Time to listen to this song now and watch the video.

Watch music video “Zillionaire” by Flo Rida

Post Author: David Watt