Music Video: “Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara

Finally, the Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara have premiered a music video for “Boyfriend”- their latest single. The music video was first premiered on YouTube yesterday. The video became an instant hit as thousands of fans streamed it within a few hours of it being premiered. This is definitely great news for the Canadian sister duo who are already working on their new studio album.

The song “Boyfriend” will be included in duo’s upcoming “Love You to Death” album. This will be their 8th studio album. The album will come out during the first week of June via Warner Bros.

The duo has had a decent success with this single “Boyfriend”. However, despite the early views of the music video on YouTube, chances are that fans won’t be watching the video over and again. There is just too much visual distortion in the video. The sets just keep changing, the dogs keep appearing from nowhere and they have put up a green screen as set background. There is even neon lighting to make it even more bizarre. Watch the music video below and see if you can like it somehow. Don’t forget to let us know your reasons for liking the music video below in comments.

Watch Music Video “Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara

Post Author: David Watt