New Music Video: “After the Afterparty” By Charli XCX feat Lil Yachty

British singer & songwriter Charli XCX premiered the music video of her new single titled “After the Afterparty” on October 30th, 2016. She released the catchy song two days earlier, and Halloween was probably the best time to launch the music video.

The Halloween-inspired music video shows Charli XCX walking in the park with her zombie friends. Later, you will see her on a sofa in a club doing gruesome stuff like biting other’s skins off and holding a human heart in her hand.

But, what’s with the repetitive lethargic hand motions? We get it! You’re walking around with a bunch of zombies.

In different scenes, you will see camera focusing on the zombies (the other artists), and each one will be doing different moves: holding their head in their hand, drinking human blood, dancing to the beats, and breaking into a house and drinking milk.

Other than the beginning of the video where Charli XCX is wearing a red dress, you will see pink color everywhere. No matter male or female zombies, all of them are wearing “Pink.”

“The party’s so crazy and tomorrow I’ll be too lazy” raps Lil Yachty somewhere in the mid of the video. Though, after his appearance, you will see him until the end.

Will “After the Afterparty” become as popular as her smashing hit “Boom Clap” that she sang for the video “Fault in our Stars?” I don’t think so! But, it’s a nice catchy song with an anthemic chorus.

Watch: “After the Afterparty” By Charli XCX feat Lil Yachty

Post Author: David Watt