New Music: Usher releases “Cuz We can” Online

Usher has released a new song online titled “Cuz We Can”. The track has hit the web like a storm and fans are loving it. There is no confirmed news whether the track will be included in Usher’s new album or not but even if it doesn’t make it to his eighth studio album, you can still listen it online. By the way, Usher’s new album will be titled “UR”. The album had a release date for this year but it missed its release date and there are hardly any chances that it will be released during December. Probably Usher has thought of putting things to hold for a while due to his personal reasons but he is now getting fully ready to release it via RCA record.

Although “Cuz We Can” is a brand new track but it sounds like Usher’s older music. Having said that, it doesn’t make it a bad song since we all loved Usher’s older stuff. There is every chance that this track will make it big on the radio just like his older music. The track has probably borrowed the original beat from “Top Of The World” by Diplo and Benny. Since both are collaborators on Usher’s new album, it’s pretty clear that they wanted Usher to copy the beat.

Watch “Cuz We Can” by Usher

Post Author: David Watt