New Music: “Party Favors” by Tinashe

If you have been following Tinashe recently, you will know that a journalist at RollingStone called “Party Favors”, Tinahse’s newly released single from her second album “Joyride” to be the best pick from album after he listened to the exclusive preview of rapper’s new album. However, this new single isn’t going to the lead single despite it being better than others. On top of that, Tinashe hasn’t done it right, or probably that’s what her fans are going to think when they listen to it. “Party Favors” doesn’t sound any harder than her previous releases – a situation that could mean problems for Tinashe.

Another big issue with the release of this single is that Tinashe has released it on SounCloud. It is difficult to understand or even guess why Tinashe has done that. Maybe this is the ‘taste from the new album’ that Tinashe talked about recently? But if it was to be so, not sure why Tinashe didn’t gave her fans this taste before. Why release two songs before it then? It all seems simply out of place for Tinashe and for her label, RCA. Maybe her label wasn’t happy to bring out this song earlier and wanted to introduce her second album with something more poppy. Only fans can tell if the record did the right thing by holding this new single back.

Listen to “Party Favors” by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt