Music: “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman” by Lostboycrow

Lostboycrow has premiered a new single titled “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman”. This new song is an intriguing single with a lot of promise. About Lostboycrow, it’s a mysterious act in pop music that is yet to reveal itself fully on to the big stage.

Lostboycrew is about bringing together R&B an electronic music and fueling it with moody lyrics. Now that’s a perfect recipe for delivering hits, as long as you can do this with some sensibility. Lostboycrew has achieved that sensibility and has established himself as something to watch.

Each of the songs that we have heard from the Lostboycrew so far has something special about itself. The pop act is growing with each release as his narrative becomes clearer and his style becomes more acceptable. Now with this new single, “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman”, we are seeing Lostboycrew improving even more and showing us his endless music talent. Are you ready for more from his? If so, keep an eye open for this pop act in 2018.

This new single is the idea of being something else and becoming something else. A lot of people are undergoing this phenomenon these days as they push forward to meet the ends. A sailor becomes a salesman and so on. It says plenty of the joy of the modern life but it also showcases the darker side of modern life as well. You know you wanted to do something but you have been forced to do another thing. That’s what this song is about. Give it a listen below and I’m  sure you will fall in love with it.

Listen to “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman” by Lostboycrew


Post Author: David Watt