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Music: “Body On Me” by Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown

Changes are good that you may have already heard Rita Ora’s new single playing on the radio. “Body On Me” started playing in the US and UK on the morning of August 6. The fact that the single went on air in the US and UK at the same time indicates that the British singer will be releasing her new single to in both countries at the same time, unlike her previous singles.

“Body On Me” is an electronic R&B track and it’s a very much Rita Ora track. She is craving for sex with her boyfriend, who is by Chris Brown – a good choice for reasons that don’t need a mention. The British songstress has impressed with her vocals once again but overall the track doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. Rita Ora will have a very tough time getting a spot in US Top 40 charts with this single.

The label Roc Nation must have some reason to put so much faith in Rita Ora all of a sudden. It is a big decision to release her in the two largest markets simultaneously. The single “Body On Me” doesn’t really sound like a huge hit already. Probably Roc Nation is thinking about low competition in the US music market around this time of the year. Maybe they are thinking of trying to break Rita Ora into the US at a time when a lot isn’t happening on the US music charts. Only time will tell if Roc Nation and Rita Ora has made the right decision.

Listen to “Body On Me” by Rita Ora – YouTube Audio

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz